BUG What?

MooneeBUG  is a voluntary community organisation that represents bicycle riders within the City of Moonee Valley.

We are a lobby group working to ensure better cycling facilities for the of riders in the area.

The BUG does not organise rides, but we are happy to promote other local rides and bicycle related activities.

MooneeBUG is interested in hearing from bicycle riders of all kinds. Whether your a parent cycling with kids, a teenager, bearded hipster, a BMX rider, commuter or even a MAMIL. We’d also like to hear from cyclists who may not be residents of Moonee Valley but who commute daily through the area. We want your input and ideas to make Moonee Valley a better place to ride.

If you feel Moonee Valley needs a stronger voice advocating for better sustainable transport and bicycle infrastructure, become a MooneeBUG member. It’s free! Just sign up to our mailing list.